sound restoration


At the first stage of audio restoration, optic or magnetic film is converted into a digital
format which is followed by cleaning, digital processing, removing imperfections etc.
Missing or damaged parts are filled from other copies (even lower quality ones), or in
hopeless situations, the film is dubbed once again in order to fill the missing parts and
synchronize voice with motion. After finishing the restoration, the film is tested in a special
hall. In case of detecting any defect, the film is returned to specialist for correction.
The film studio works on the following audio formats:
● Recording 1/4” magnetic film (full, half, quarter, Nagra 2 track; 1 7/8, 3¾, 7½, 15
● Optic discs (CD Rom, DVD, Mini Disc)
● recording a video tape
● recording the sound from 16 mm and 35 mm optic film
● recording the sound from 16 mm and 35 mm magnetic film