JSC Georgian Film services all stages of feature, documentary and commercial productions.

O ur experienced line producers, production managers and post supervisors will coordinate your project
and provide full range of production services, from getting permits through all the way to post-
Georgia’s small but beautifully diverse landscapes allow filming of versatile locations from snowy
mountains to desert, in a short time. The Black Sea with its captivating coasts will light up any
In our wardrobe, props and equipment stores on the lot Georgian Film you can easily design
variety of productions including period pieces and get all the necessary advice from professionals.
The Studio has worked with European, American and Indian film productions.
Working in different cultural environments gives us great experience and we are always looking
forward to new contacts.On this site you will find detailed information about our capabilities.



Unique posters of Georgian films are preserved in the ” Georgian film” studio. Their sketches belong to famous Georgian artists. Copies of the posters can be ordered at the Georgian Film Studio.